about us

Because it is a small engineering company Valicomm provides high professional technical services.
Valicomm operates only for pharmaceutical and biotechnology company. We have proven expertise in managing small-medium, complex projects, a reach and longstanding presence, strong relationships with our clients.
Valicomm has developed the ability to realize its businesses by taking into account the local context of the client where it operates.

Valicomm is a small engineering, consultant and project management company focusing on safely delivering cost-effective, technically advanced services, that meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our target is to provide flexible and skilled engineering services that may be aligned to specific customer requirements in a highly competitive environment.

our values

Honest and Fair with Customers and suppliers

Seek to build a lasting relationship with customer and suppliers
Deals honestly with customer, providing good and safe product and services
Seeks to build lasting relationships with customers and suppliersDeals honestly with customers, providing good and safe products and services
Treats suppliers fairly, pays promptly what it owes and expects its suppliers to do the same
Openly shares its knowledge to enable customers and suppliers to make better informed choices

A good citizen

Considers each person affected by its decisions as if he or she were a member of the decision-maker’s own community
Seeks and provides opportunities for less privileged people
Makes a full and fair contribution to society by structuring its businesses and operations to pay promptly all taxes that are properly due

Has a pourpose which delivers long-term sustainable performance

Operates true to a purpose that serves society, respects the dignity of people, and so generates a fair return for responsible investors
Enables and welcomes public scrutiny of the alignment between its stated purpose and its actions

A responsible and responsive employer

Treats everyone with dignity and provides fair pay for all
Enables and welcomes constructive dialogue about its behaviour in keeping true to its purpose
Fosters innovation, leadership and personal accountability
Protects and nurtures all who work for it to ensure people also learn, contribute and thrive

A guardian for future generation

Honours its duty to protect the natural world and conserve finite resources
Contributes knowledge and experience to promote better regulation for the benefit of society as a whole rather than protecting self interest
Invests in developing skills, knowledge and understanding in wider society to encourage informed citizenship

Dignity & value of people – Each person is a someone, not a something guardian for future generation

Show respect for the dignity of each person and for the whole person; never use people merely as a means to achieving business objectives. Respecting the whole person includes thinking of people in all their various roles in relation to the business: as employees, customers, suppliers, investors and citizens. Demonstrating respect means setting a purpose and seeking outcomes that enable each person to reach his or her full potential, not least being able to contribute fully to building relationships and communities both within the workplace and beyond. Such purposes and such outcomes engender trust between people and between business and society.

The common good – delivering value by serving society

Genuinely aim to promote the good of society as a whole through the provision of goods and services that benefit society; never use stakeholders, and society as a whole, as a mere means to business success. This gives meaning to the purpose of the business within society and demands innovation to achieve that purpose alongside a financial return. Society and communities of people determine the licence, and freedoms, of business to operate and grow; these will be broader if business actively aims to reduce harm and produces goods that are truly good and services that truly serve.

Behaviours needed to build
character & achieve purpose

Solidarity – Other people metter 

Judge decisions as good, or not, in the context of the best values, expectations and needs of those with whom we should seek to build relationships. Do not make decisions in a self interested, self determined, closed world that does not weigh sufficiently the impact on others. Make a fair contribution to society and avoid actions that cause inequality. Opportunities should be sought to serve the broadest community, including the underserved, the underprivileged and the excluded; not to emphasise the divide but rather to bring people together, through new job opportunities, innovative goods and services, and new markets.

Subsidiarity – Freedom with responsibility 

Allow people to develop by being able to contribute to making decisions at all levels. Do not create dependency through reserving decisions unnecessarily to higher levels in the hierarchy, or lose accountability through inappropriate delegation. Give people the freedom, and support where necessary, to take on the risk of decision making and to have a voice in their work, thus fostering innovation, creativity and a sense of shared responsibility.

Reciprocity – Building trust and trusted relationships 

Start with basic honesty and integrity so that each and all receive what they are entitled to or can reasonably expect. This is the first stage of building trust. Then go beyond this minimum, using knowledge and capabilities to provide benefits that people desire and value but cannot expect or demand, in particular in situations of information asymmetry or power imbalance. Fair and efficient markets depend on trust and trusting relationships.

Plurality – Valuing diversity and building bridges 

Be clear as to who you are and what you stand for, combining this with an openness to enrichment from others, valuing diversity of thinking and cultures. Favour curiosity and inclusion over suspicion and exclusion of those who think differently. Maintain consistency of purpose and values whilst embracing diversity, encouraging closeness to people, markets, innovation and growth.

Sustainability – Stewardship of people, values and resources 

Acknowledge and seek to measure the impact the business has on people, values, resources, and the environment. Accept responsibility for those impacts. Then take steps to develop people, nurture values, preserve and restore existing resources and create new ones where possible so that others may enjoy their benefits. Use your knowledge, influence and experience in collaboration with others for the benefit of all.


Valicomm’s experience excellence and commitment to providing comprehensive,
value-added services have been rewarded by the trust and reliance of
leading international Clients with significant repeat business.